Get Instant Reviews From Customers

Instant Reviews are an interactive way to generate service reviews and quickly add content to your website. They are commonly implemented to improve conversion rates, provide reporting on team members, and increase online relevance for local service areas.

Instant Customer Reviews

With Instant Reviews from NetSearch, it’s easy to get more reviews on your website from satisfied customers. Simply have your technicians check in at their service location using the app, and then send a request to the happy customer for a review. Check ins and reviews automatically appear on your website, showing potential customers in your area proof of your superior service.

Fresh reviews on your website. Online relevance in your service area. Instant Reviews. At the touch of a button, acquiring positive customer feedback has never been easier.


The technician writes a check-in or brief description of their assigned job upon reaching the service site and meeting with the customer.


Once the job is done, the technician submits a Review Request to your happiest customers to obtain great feedback.

More Positive Customer Reviews On Your Website

Unfortunately, it’s much more common for people to be compelled to leave negative reviews than positive ones on a website. Instant Reviews offers a quick and easy way to encourage more of your customers to speak your praises when they’re happy with your service.

Instant Reviews allows an employee of your company to submit review requests to your customer’s email and have positive reviews show up instantly on your website. This is a great way to get a positive review directly after providing service while the client’s satisfaction is still fresh. Providing this option at the time of service will always yield more positive reviews than you’d get if you simply hoped for the best and relied on your client’s to remember to write one later on.

Instant Reviews also captures and posts real-time customer feedback and ratings from numerous online channels – from both review sites and social media. This makes for a quick and effective way to present your best customer reviews on your own site in one place and build a positive online presence for your business.

Let’s talk about benefits



Each time a technician correctly executes a Check-In they are publishing content to your business’s website in the form of readable text and images that search engines love. This content is also specifically relevant to the city the work was done in and is only placed on the correspondingly relevant pages. These pages help businesses get more visibility in cities they service, but are not physically located in.



The process allows technicians to submit Review Requests at the point of service directly to the customer’s mobile phone via text or email. This allows customers to quickly and easily provide feedback at the moment when they are happiest about the service. Customer Reviews are then automatically submitted to the client’s website.



This process provides a valuable tool for business owners to see which of their employees are checking in at the most jobs and generating the most positive reviews. It also builds a customer list over time.

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