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Youngblood Properties is a custom home builder who focuses on the creative touches, inspiring design, and attention to detail in order to give each home its own unique personality. Youngblood came to NetSearch in order to create this same aesthetic through their online branding, particularly their website. Prior to coming on board with NetSearch Digital Marketing, their website did not portray this type of branding and quality. The site was outdated, dark-themed and unresponsive, which did not adhere to the type of beautiful work they produce through the homes they build. 

Youngblood Properties needed a website that spoke to their brand with enhanced galleries that could show off their work. Our team brainstormed different designs and ideas and decided to create a light, clean, and modern feel that had masonry galleries to show off the homes and floorplans in a pleasing way. The result was exactly what the client was looking for! 

A Note from Youngblood Properties post-launch:

“NetSearch did a fantastic job on our new website, They completely knocked it out of the park! I could tell from the very first review of the site that they spent time on each and every page to make them unique. I am not a creative person so I left this part up to the experts and I could not be happier. As an added bonus, the project was completed ahead of schedule”


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