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Arundel Cooling & Heating was one of NetSearch’s first clients dating back many years – close to the day NetSearch opened its own doors. Arundel Cooling & Heating came to NetSearch originally for an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy in order to increase online engagement and sales. Over the years, Arundel has been running both PPC & SEO campaigns through the management and production of NetSearch. In the recent year, NetSearch wanted to find ways to help Arundel dominate the heating and air conditioning industry in their market, Baltimore, MD. Continuously running successful SEO & PPC campaigns it was time to brainstorm more ways to optimize the overall digital strategy.

For Organic, NetSearch suggested a new, more modern, conversion optimized and responsive website for their consumers to easily click through to their site from the SERP’s and schedule an appointment. This was the main goal for the website re-design, NetSearch wanted to create a design that would ultimately increase conversions and in turn sales. For PPC, NetSearch had a similar approach, but for the landing page that traffic was being sent to. A landing page is a one-page site that is designed to create clicks into conversions quickly. NetSearch wanted to take the landing page and enhance the current design. Then, they were planning to create a few different versions of the same design, but with a slight difference (example, color of form, the phone number on the left rather than the right, etc.) in order to start A/B testing.

Prior to the site & landing page launch, Arundel Cooling & Heating was receiving on average over 700 conversions in total from both campaigns. Now, with both the new landing page and the new website, Arundel Cooling & Heating hit an all-time record in conversions with over 1,250 from both campaigns. That is a 78% increase in conversions during a 30 day time period. Here is some data broken down further for each campaign:

  • SEO: Looking at the same month year over year the old website received 384 conversions, post-launch the site received 761 conversions. That is a 98% increase solely from organic searches.
  • PPC: Looking during the same season, month over month for PPC, the old landing page captured 398 conversions and the newly designed landing page received 522. That is a 31% increase from paid traffic!

Arundel could not be happier with the increase in performance over the past few months post new site and landing page launch. It has exceeded their expectations!


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