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Handyman Matters found an opportunity to grow her business by acquiring another nearby market that was recently vacated by another franchisee. She wanted to aggressively target this new market (central Richmond area) to increase her overall volume of business while also improving her overall brand image.

The challenges with achieving these desired results are that the client had an outdated website and an unsuccessful online marketing campaign with another vendor. Their website struggled to show the personality of their business and didn’t provide enough detail to give a prospecting customer an accurate description of their services. And their online marketing efforts at the time were providing a low volume of results and most leads resulted in customers who didn’t exactly match their targeting or ideal job… 

The client needed results fast in order to expand her business into a new market but she also needed to do it with an improved brand image to ensure she would be targeting her ideal customer.

NetSearch came in with the strategy to launch a new website for Handyman Matters to re-vamp their brand image while proposing a Pay Per Click campaign to help drive more qualified leads to her business. 

The results have been outstanding! Handyman Matters now has improved online presence and site that is much more friendly and insightful compared to their previous website. Their PPC campaign has been bringing in close to 90 leads a month, with an average ticket of $500 and average close rate of 25%, the client easily saw positive return in her $2,000 monthly investment. In fact, she claims she’s so busy now that she needs to hire more crew members and consider moving to a bigger office!


Handyman Matters

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