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Good Neighbor Fence has been a longstanding client of NetSearch Digital Marketing. Just recently, the company was interested in growing their overall paid traffic and lead count, and was looking towards NetSearch Digital Marketing for the best plan of action!

Prior to this inquiry, Good Neighbor Fence’s Pay-Per-Click campaign maintained average metrics, typical of any paid campaign within the company’s industry and target area. Good Neighbor Fence was pleased with the current quality of the leads the paid campaign was acquiring, but was hungry for more business.

NetSearch Digital Marketing suggested the following:

  • Upgrading the Pay-Pre-Click campaign’s budget
  • Redirecting the paid traffic to a custom landing page

These two suggestions went hand in hand as the increased budget would help the campaign gain more traffic in general, and the custom landing paid would achieve higher conversion rates from the increased paid traffic. Good Neighbor Fence agreed with these suggestions, and have not looked back since!

Since the launch of the Pay-Per-Click campaign with an increased budget and custom landing page, Good Neighbor Fence has acquired a substantially higher lead count than once before:

  • Record breaking lead count over the past 2 cycles with over 100 total leads for each cycle
  • Able to maintain a conversion rate of +25% since the budget increase and new landing page
  • Able to maintain 3%-4% click-through-rate since new landing page

Good Neighbor Fence could not be happier with their decision to invest more with NetSearch Digital Marketing. The initial recommendations have enhanced the Pay-Per-Click campaign’s overall performance, and assisted Good Neighbor Fence with obtaining more paid leads!


Good Neighbor Fence Inc.

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