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Pete Rose, Inc. partnered with us back in early 2010 to help boost their organic visibility and overall online presence. They have been one of our longest standing clients and we’ve been able to achieve outstanding results for them over the years.

The company came to us with an established brand name and recognition – one of the goals we had was to increase their visibility for non-branded, online searches related to their services and offerings, particularly landscape supplies, mulch, pavers, topsoil and gravel. 

By 2013, we had achieved significant gains across a number of the non-branded, high-value keywords we were optimizing for. Pete Rose, Inc. had a handful of page 1 rankings when we set our baseline in 2010 but by now we were on page 1 for 100% of these core keywords! In 2013, organic traffic was up 31% and calls from organic traffic were up 56% over our 2010 baselines, however, the emergence of mobile web-browsing and the evolution of search engine algorithms presented a new challenge. 

We decided to upgrade the website to a responsive design in 2013 to prepare for the growing demands of a great user-experience no matter the device used browse the site. This change paid big dividends in 2014….

  • Mobile traffic increased 172%
  • Mobile conversions increased 433%
  • Improvements in every key engagement metric (Bounce %, Pages/Session, Avg. Sess. Duration)

The upward trend in organic traffic has continued each year, and the site is trending to have an 8% increase in organic traffic in 2016 – which comes out to 1000s of new site visits! 

Finally, in May of 2016 we decided to restart a Paid Search campaign for Pete Rose, Inc. because we believed it would be an excellent lead-generation opportunity. So far, that belief has rung true as the campaign has generated 468 phone calls at a ridiculously low Cost-Per-Lead of $3.86! The combination of SEO & PPC is on track to generate a 5% increase in total calls Year-Over-Year.

In summation, Pete Rose, Inc.’s organic rankings for non-branded keywords, web leads and traffic have gone nowhere but up since we partnered in 2010, and the results show no sign of slowing down. We’re very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.


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