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Chem-Dry of Unifour has been an established carpet cleaner in Hickory, North Carolina for quite some time. Their business had a good reputation and we had just recently built a new website for their company. Despite this they were still getting very little results from their previous online marketing vendor. After a brief conversation about our PPC program and a Landing Page strategy, David (the client) was sold on giving NetSearch a try in order to turn this around.

With the David’s previous vendor, he would expect 1-2 leads to come in a week, even less some months. There were issues with how his previous campaign had been set up. The targeting was off and traffic was being sent to pages of his site that were not conversion friendly.

Chem-Dry of Unifour was eager to give another company a try to fix these issues and give their business a better return on investment.

We asked that David to trust our program and expand his budget just a little more ($150). His impression share was too low to have enough visibility for his ads to consistently show in his market. We also asked that we direct our campaign to a landing page that was specifically built for conversions.

The results left David pleasantly surprised. In the first week alone, David commented that he’d already seen more leads than he previous vendor generated in a month’s time. While a lot of factors play into a successful PPC campaign, there’s no doubt that implementing a landing page for this account increased conversion rate by large percentage. David is seeing nearly 50% of the traffic coming to his page convert into a lead. Meaning around one of every two clicks ($6) is likely turning into a job that has an average value of $200. David’s account is now averaging between 1 and 2 PPC leads a day and is extremely happy with the turnaround of his online marketing efforts.


Chem-Dry of the Unifour

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